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Parents Say It Best

As a professional Swimming Instructor, I take pride in the quality experience offered to each child and family. Take a look at some of my testimonials to see how I’ve helped my students reach and surpass their goals, while encouraging their parents, grandparents, and family members to feel confident in their swimming abilities.

"beyond impressed"

I was so nervous about swim. My son is high fear to trying new things and after 2 lessons he was asking to go! Both of my children LOVE swimming lessons and I attribute that to Audrey. She is so good with the kids. I am beyond impressed with the skills they have gained.    Ashley W.

"all gentleness and love"

Amazing progress, more than I could of even imagined. Audrey is AMAZING and I would recommend her to anyone. She doesn’t waste time and pushes our little with all gentleness and love. My little is so proud of herself!   Jen R.

"Audrey is very caring"

Audrey is very caring and thus Charlotte loves her swimming!  Lindsay L.

"kept safety at the forefront"

Audrey was absolutely fantastic from day one.  She made Rowan feel comfortable, she communicated well with us (as parents) throughout the lessons, she gave Rowan the tools to effectively float and swim, and she kept safety at the forefront.  Audrey found innovative ways to address Rowan's opportunity areas (e.g. keeping her head down while underwater, designing a PVC-pipe handlebar for the children to grab a hold of).  Audrey made our 6 weeks of lessons highly personalized, effective, & efficient ... and we now have the tools to continue practicing at home this summer. This is one of the best investments we've made in "extracurriculars" with any of our children.  THANK YOU, MRS. AUDREY!  Kristie P.

"late afternoon & evening appointments"

We could not be more thrilled with the progress that our son is making in less than 3 weeks of lessons with Miss Audrey (Kitchel). She is an awesome teacher! It is so cool to see him develop these lifesaving skills and so quickly. While this is a big time commitment, I thought if anything ever happened to our son, I would be so mad at myself for not making this commitment. I’m so glad we did! We could not be more pleased with our experience. Having both parents work full time made the idea of the daily lessons tough, but we are so thankful that some late afternoon & evening appointments opened up so that we could make this work. Please keep those as options for full time working parents. Kelly W.

"Audrey is very kind, timely, and calm"

Audrey is so patient and does a fantastic job! One of my kids is making a ton of progress, whereas the other is slower but still progressing. The only comment is it would be nice to know exactly what our final end Goal looks like. Audrey is very kind, timely, and calm. Love her!   Lori A.

"comfortable throughout the entire process"

Audrey Kitchel is the best. She makes both you and your child comfortable throughout the entire process.   Adrienne J.

"connected and trusted Audrey right away"

After seeing her love for the water and then having a pool, hot tub and living on a large creek we decided we had to do it. There just wasn't another choice in regards to her safety. Our daughter connected and trusted Audrey right away. Which allowed for her to naturally progress through the program. By the end of the 6 weeks my daughter didn't want to get out of the pool after her lesson. She will be swimming independently in no time at all! Thank you ISR and Audrey!   Angela F.

"my kids ask to go back"

Miss Audrey was amazing! We loved having her as our instructor. My kids learned SO much, and I still can’t believe the progress they made. Miss Audrey was incredible! She is patient, kind, caring, and motivating. My kids ask to go back to swim lessons every day!   Jenny B.

"I feel confident"

Was a wonderful program. Audrey made my son feel at ease and did an awesome job encouraging my son in obtaining his skills. She has a loving caring attitude and I feel confident that if my son was ever to fall in water he would know what to do.    Alisha P.

"gives us peace of mind"

Audrey is absolutely amazing! We trust her with our son in the water, and she gives us peace of mind with how well she is with him! She is so sweet and I honestly couldn’t ask for someone better to each our son!   Kelly J.

"get my kids prepared for summer"

I couldn't believe how well the program works. Audrey Kitchel was an amazing instructor and was so patient with my kids. They loved her. The experience was a 10/10!  I am very happy that I was able to get in and get my kids prepared for summer! Lindsay

"starting to enjoy the water"

Audrey is fantastic with our Phyn. She is patient and clear with him and he really picks up what she is teaching quickly. Phynias is now starting to enjoy the water even more because of her.   Chalyse M

"learning so much"

My daughter, Izzy, is learning so much! She is on her 3rd week and the skills she has already learned is amazing. Watching her take the skills from the day/week before and start acting on them by herself is just awesome. Miss Audrey is so great with Izzy! Izzy is excited every day that she gets to swim & float on her back with Miss Audrey :)    Jenna B.

Parent reviews are generated from surveys collected near the end of each child's session.

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