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About Audrey

Miss Audrey and student in pool | Lafayette Swimming Resource, Lafayette, Indiana
"Safety is the first reason most families come to me, but I believe the confidence a child gains both in and out of the water is an equally important take away from their lessons."

I am an infant and child swim instructor, first trained and certified with ISR (Infant Swim Resource) from 2018 until 2022.  Now, I am proud to offer private lessons to infants and children through Lafayette Swimming Resource.  Lafayette, Indiana is my hometown and look forward to bringing water safety to our local families and would be honored to work with you and your child(ren). 

Safety is the first reason most families come to me, but I feel the confidence a child gains is the most important take away from the lessons. My students master a somewhat difficult skill, often times through some tears, at a very young age. Steadily, they learn critical self-rescue and lifesaving swimming techniques and soon, they know that there is nothing they cannot do!

My husband and I raised our eight children here in Lafayette and now have 12 grandchildren (several of whom I have taught self-rescue and swimming skills).

I can teach an infant, who is not yet able to walk, to float and get into a float regardless of how they might fall into water.


When a child is older, I teach them to swim with their face down in the water, to roll back onto a float to breathe, and to flip over onto their tummies and swim with their face down again.


These skills are usually gained in 4-6 weeks in daily (M-F) 10 minute lessons that are one on one with me in the water in my private indoor swimming pool in Lafayette. 


Let's work together to bring you peace of mind and your children incredible swimming skills!

Babies and small children learn to sit-up, crawl, stand, and walk primarily through physically interacting with their environments. Eventually, these skills become a part of their motor memory. Swimming at a young age is learned in the same way. As their coach, I am there with the child in the water to guide their movements, reinforce good swimming behaviors, and keep them safe. Through our sessions, swimming and floating is then "remembered" by them just like walking or crawling.

MIss Audrey's Family: Infant Swim Private indoor swimming and water safety lessons for infants and children 6 months and up in Lafayette, Indiana Tippecanoe County
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